Think often of your death

Thomas Watson: Oh, meditate on the transience and brittleness of life!  Think often of your tombstone. Question:  What advantage will accrue to us by often thinking of our short time here? Answer 1.  Meditation on the shortness of time would cool the heat of our affections for the world. [“Time’s Shortness”]

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Learning to number our days

According to the latest statistics from the Social Security Administration, I have 29.84 years left to live.  That leaves me with approximately 10,899 more days, which sounds like quite a few until you consider that I’ve already lived 18,195 days.  By statistical probability, my life is well more than half over, and I am rapidly […]

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Grab bag

Recently found on the internet: “Do You See the Glory of God in the Sun? Spurgeon’s Battle Against Depression” (see also Randy Alcorn’s series on depression). Justin Taylor has some good thoughts about distinguishing between Christianity and Mormonism. At “Humble Beginnings” (audio) Tim Challies tells the story of pastor Jeff Anderson and a medium-sized church […]

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Grab bag

Recently seen around the Internet that I found interesting: I might tweak some of his counsel at the end to be a little more Biblical, but I agree with his observation that “Busyness is the new spirituality.” Nine Marks produces an e-Journal every two months that is always helpful and thought-provoking.  This month the theme […]

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A short grab bag of links

Here are a variety of interesting links that I’ve noted over the past couple of weeks, but haven’t been able to work into a blog: Justin Taylor synthesized a detailed response to Newsweek’s recent article, “Our Mutual Joy,” denigrating the Biblical position that opposes homosexual marriage. Al Mohler has also offered a variety of responses […]

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Need more time?

Rare is the day when someone doesn’t say something to me like, “I just need a little more time…” I say it too. Near the end of his biography on Whitfield, Arnold Dallimore offers this personal observation that is both an encouragement and exhortation: When the present author is stirring at 7 in the morning, […]

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Why I blog in spurts

I am aware of bloggers who blog with more consistency than me. Just this morning, I read another blogger who asserted, “I blog every day…” I don’t. A couple months ago, I went on vacation. While not “secluded,” it was far enough away from “civilization” that my cell phone had no signal (Oh happy day!). […]

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