Last week I listened to C. J. Mahaney’s three-part series “The Idol Factory.”

I highly recommend the entire series (though I thought the first two were the strongest).

A couple of statements about idolatry from those sermons —

“Husband and wife — you desire to have a spouse that relates to you with respect, etc. Is that a wrong desire? No. But it’s not a need. And it can become a lust, if when your spouse doesn’t respond as you desire, you in craving and demanding begin to fight and quarrel. It is possible to live with a spouse who is disobeying and not concerned with your welfare and still have your deepest needs met, because only God can meet the deepest needs of your heart. This is tremendously liberating.” [Pt. 2, min. 21.]

“If I was only given one point to make as to how to remain passionate — how to become passionate about and for the living God — familiarize oneself with the doctrine of sin.…It’s when I’m aware of sin that I appreciate grace the most. That’s why this teaching [about idolatry and indwelling sin] isn’t bondage to me — it’s life!” [Pt. 2, min. 50.]