My lost week of blogging

That would be my l-o-s-t week, and not my l-a-s-t week.

As in, God sovereignly ordered my week last week in such a way that the computer was used for only the barest of essentials (study and critical emails), and virtually nothing else, including my blog.

Several months ago, I decided that I needed to be more disciplined with the practice of writing, and since I already had a blog, it seemed logical to use that format.  So I made a concerted effort to post a variety of blogs several times a week.  While keeping a Challies-like schedule might be a goal, it did not seem to be either a worthy or realistic goal for me.

But I sure had no intention of missing 6-8 days (unless I was on vacation or in a hospital bed, or the like).  But I did.

But now I’m back, and hopefully with some worthwhile posts this week.  I’m hoping to get to these topics this week:

Keep watching.  All these things, and more (I hope), are coming this week.

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