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Recently, the host of Words of Grace (WordPress) changed subscription platforms (at least that’s the way I understand it). So we had to find a new way to send out content. From now on, if you want to receive posts from Words of Grace by email, you will need to sign up by using the […]

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New blog design

Recently, our church website was overhauled with a new design. I was encouraged to work on a new design for my blog site.  After all, it had been five or more years since I had given the design any attention.  When I went to edit the site today I found that the design I have […]

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Phil Johnson exits the blogosphere

Phil Johnson — the right-hand man of John MacArthur, the executive director of Grace to You, and a voice of sanity and reason and theological stability in the Christian blogosphere — retired from blogging yesterday.  A sad day for the blogosphere, but a wise choice for him: So: (gladly, with no reluctance whatsoever) I’m officially […]

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Blog updates

In the past couple of weeks, I’ve made some changes to my blog page in an effort to simplify the information on the front page and provide an updated look.  So now only the latest post will be posted in full on the front page, and the remaining posts will have “continue reading” links after […]

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Books and audio updated

I have to come up with an easier and less time-consuming way to update my “currently reading” and “recently on my iPod” pages. Haven’t figured it out yet, so they aren’t updated as often as they could/should be. But, today they have been updated. Hope to do it again in less than three months, unlike […]

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The Getty’s new blog

Keith and Kristyn Getty, who have written so much good music for the modern church, have begun a new blog. You can find it here.  The first post is about writing music (and literature) for children. It looks like this will be a blog worth reading regularly.

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Just a reminder:  you may receive these blogs by email once a day, when they are published.  I’ve written some instructions, or you can simply click the “Subscribe to Words of Grace by email” link in the upper right-hand column and you will be guided through the simple process. Or, you can also subscribe to […]

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I’ve been quiet…

Well, maybe I haven’t been quiet, but all has been quiet on my blog for the past week or so. Other responsibilities and distractions have just conjoined to keep me away from my blog, which has been a benefit and a disappointment.  A benefit because other items have been more needful (e.g., it was more […]

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My lost week of blogging

That would be my l-o-s-t week, and not my l-a-s-t week. As in, God sovereignly ordered my week last week in such a way that the computer was used for only the barest of essentials (study and critical emails), and virtually nothing else, including my blog. Several months ago, I decided that I needed to […]

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