New blog design

Recently, our church website was overhauled with a new design.

I was encouraged to work on a new design for my blog site.  After all, it had been five or more years since I had given the design any attention.  When I went to edit the site today I found that the design I have previously used had been discontinued.  [Sigh]  So maybe it was time for an update.

I wanted something simple and clean without clutter.  In the process, I’ve updated the “about” page, and removed numerous links in the sidebar that I no longer used.  And then I chose a design without a sidebar.  Everything you now need will be in the menu tab at the top — search, categories, subscription, about the blog (with a new picture, too), and more.

So this is the first attempt at an update.  Feel free to let me know what you think and whether or not my attempt to clean up the site and simplify it were successful.

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