For the last couple of weeks, we’ve been thinking on Sunday morning about spiritual maturity as both the goal and result of ministry.  All our efforts in the church and in our relationships are to see spiritual maturity produced in others, and when we make that our goal, God will accomplish that very thing!

This morning I came across a couple statements from A. W. Tozer that emphasize two aspects of maturity — what it looks like and how difficult it is to attain in our culture:

…a Christian is spiritual when he sees everything from God’s viewpoint.  The ability to weigh all things in the divine scale and place the same value upon them as God does is the mark of a Spirit-filled life.

We are growing spiritually when we increasingly evaluate every circumstance, both good and bad in light of God’s purpose of redeeming us from sin and conforming us to the image of His beloved Son.  That is neither popular, nor easy, as Tozer also notes:

It has become popular to preach a painless Christianity and automatic saintliness.  It has become part of our “instant” culture.  “Just pour a little water on it, stir mildly, pick up a gospel tract, and you are on your Christian way.

In other words, this task of seeing life from the perspective of God and seeing that formed in others does not come with ease.  It is the result of diligent, faithful, hard spiritual labors and reminders.  Keep to the task until Christ is fully formed in you — and in those around you.