Fellowship with God

This post was originally published June 3, 2013; it is being republished today because the theme fits this past Sunday’s sermon so well. The term “fellowship” is used regularly in the context of the church (do non-believers use the word?).  Often the word is used synonymously for “food” or “feast,” as in, “be sure to […]

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Sermon: When You are Hated, Pt. 2

When You are Hated…, Part 2 Romans 12:17-21 November 15, 2020 We all have expectations for relationships.  We have desires for how they will work and what we will receive through those relationships.  However, we live in a fallen world, so… Our relationships will never work completely according to our plan Our relationships will never […]

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Sermon: When You are Hated

When You are Hated… Romans 12:14-16 November 8, 2020 Like you, I’ve had relationships where I’ve known the other person didn’t like me.  Those are hard relationships.  You know that and have experienced that.  But I don’t know that I’ve had anyone ever really hate me — hate me to the point of working against […]

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Sermon: When Life is Hard

When Life is Hard… Romans 12:12-13 November 1, 2020 I am what you might call a “fair-weather exerciser.”  I prefer to get my exercise outdoors, but I prefer to get it within certain parameters.  I don’t like it (and generally won’t go) when it’s over 80° and I definitely won’t go when it’s below 40° […]

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Sermon: The Character of Love

The Character of Love 1 Corinthians 13:4-8 May 12, 2019 What is love?… One cartoon explained it this way: “Love is what one feels when one meets a person who has a very profound impact upon one, and meets all of one’s psychological, emotional, and spiritual needs.…It’s either that, or, when one’s heart goes pitter-patter.” […]

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Have holy conversations

Wednesdays with Watson is a weekly reading taken from my favorite Puritan writer, Thomas Watson.  This week’s selection is from The Great Gain of Godliness. Christians, when they meet together, should use holy conference.…Have not you matter enough in the Word to furnish you with something to say? Let me suggest a few things to […]

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Sermon: Love One Another, Part 3

Love One Another, Pt. 3 1 John 4:15-21 June 15, 2014 Some things that should be self-evident aren’t as obvious as we might suppose. When he was a football coach, Buddy Ryan was known as being a no-nonsense, tough-nosed coach. He learned well from his father, as an article from 1994 recounts: Leaving Korea as […]

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Sermon: Love One Another, Part 1

Love One Another, Pt. 1 1 John 4:7-10 June 1, 2014 While it is true that you never stop being a parent, there are definitely particular transitions in the process of parenting, and this weekend Raye Jeanne and I are crossing one of the big transitions: for the first time, neither of our girls will […]

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The sinners in our lives

Jason Helopoulos writes about a common relational circumstance and then offers a hopeful encouragement: Many of us have friends, sons, daughters, wives, and husbands who we struggle to keep hope alive for. They are resistant to the Gospel. Their lives are not only filled with sin, but dominated and controlled by it. Some of the […]

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Here is a story of rescue and redemption from the former senior pastor at Park Cities Presbyterian Church in Dallas, Skip Ryan (he’s now an assoc. pastor there).  It’s worth 15 minutes of your time to see how God redeems sin for our good and His glory: HT:  Dane Ortlund.

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What good is a brother?

“To sum up, let all be…brotherly…” (1 Pet. 3:8; NASB) In the past couple of decades a new kind of profession has developed.  This professional is, “a blend of consultant, motivator, therapist, manager, and friend.  Who are these people?  Personal coaches, who help people ‘define and achieve their goals — career, personal, or both.’  Coaches […]

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