Sunday Leftovers (10/31/10)

After thinking this morning about the Reformation and the theology of the Reformation, here are a few links that will expand your understanding how God used that movement to preserve the truth of the Gospel: The 95 theses of Martin Luther Basic books about the Reformation Many different posts and resources about the Reformation Sola […]

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Basics of the Reformation

Tomorrow we recognize Reformation Day — the anniversary of the posting of Martin Luther’s 95 theses on the door of the Castle Church in Wittenberg.  That event is largely recognized as precipitating the Reformation. Now you might wonder what the Reformation really was all about.  The Reformation is typically identified with five concise terms — […]

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Why some Reformers were martyred

Queen Mary was known as “Bloody Mary” for a reason — some 288 Reformers were burned at the stake under her reign. That is fairly well-remembered.  What is forgotten is why many of them were put to death.  J. C. Ryle offers the astonishing explanation: The principle reason why they were burned was because they […]

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Grab bag

Russell Moore answers the question, “Is My Music Warping My Child?” Two points he makes, and one reaction of my own — Lyrics are influential — they shape the way we think about the issues of life, so liberty cannot be applied indiscriminately to music choices. Music becomes a parent’s opportunity to be intentional about […]

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Here I Stand

Here is something to help you prepare for Reformation Sunday this week — one of the great affirmations of commitment to the gospel, Martin Luther’s “Here I Stand” statement, read by Max McLean. (and it’s free until Monday, 11/1).  

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Voyage of the Dawn Treader

You will rarely find me talking about movies.  But the latest adaptation of one of C. S. Lewis’ books from The Chronicles of Narnia series is coming in December. [This post is primarily for my daughters who have been anticipating this movie for about 18 months!] (HT:  Justin Taylor)

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Deceptive desires

It was when she was at the peak of her fame and fortune with 146 tournament victories behind her, married to tennis player John Lloyd that Chris Evert-Lloyd commented:  “We get into a rut.  We play tennis, we go to a movie we watch TV, but I keep saying, ‘John, there has to be more.’” […]

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