Free Jonathan Edwards eBook

Recently, Desiring God adapted the unabridged text of Jonathan Edwards’ Religious Affections into an electronic book.

Download the EPUB file for free.  And if you need the Kindle format, you can convert it with Calibre (both Mac and Windows versions are available), free conversion software which I’ve used successfully several times.

3 thoughts on “Free Jonathan Edwards eBook

    1. Terry, I have downloaded the Edwards Religious Affections zipped ebook EPUB and also the Calibre program…I have the Kindle 3. How do I get the Edwards book into calibre to convert it? When I unzip the Edwards book, it shows a META-INF folder, a OEBPS folder also iTunesMetadata and mimetype file…all within the edwards-religious_affections folder! I’m not accustomed to this. Please speak basic english! Thanks so much! Usually I just download books from so “conversion” is new to me…although conversion by Jesus is not new! :-) Jen!

      1. Jen, When you open Calibre, you should have a red icon with a plus sign in the tool bar. Click on that icon and you will be given an option to select which file you want to add. Go to the folder where the downloaded Edwards file is and select the file with the .epub extension. Once that file is imported into Calibre, you can then will want to select that file in the list and then click on the icon in the tool bar with the two circling arrows. That icon contains the command to convert the file. You will then be given multiple options about the conversion, including the output format. Choose MOBI, which is the Kindle format and then ok. Calibre will then convert it and and put it into the folder that Calibre creates on your computer for all conversions. Once the file is converted, there will be a hyperlink under the picture of the cover called “Path: click to open.” When you click on that hyperlink, it should open the folder that contains the MOBI file, which you can then place in the documents folder of your Kindle.

        One caveat — I am working on a Mac, so if you are on a Windows computer, it may be slightly different, but the basic procedure should still be the same. I hope that helps you. The first time it may feel a little cumbersome and confusing, but after a few times of using the program, you’ll probably find it a little more intuitive and easy. There are many public domain files available in the epub format that can be converted using this method, which is why I’ve appreciated having this program.

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