Resolved to read and pray

Today many people will make resolutions for the coming year.  Even believers will make resolutions concerning their spiritual lives.

Setting spiritual goals is a worthy enterprise.  But the task of spiritual growth is often overwhelming:  where shall we start and what shall we do?  We know we need more biblical reading and study and memorization and prayer and evangelism and church attendance and service and we’ve been told that fasting and journaling are beneficial and we just heard about a mission trip and…  Just where does it stop?  It seems to be overwhelming at times.

I have long practiced and said that there are two spiritual disciplines that supersede all others and when they are practiced well, the others fall into place.  Those two disciplines are biblical intake and prayer.  Notice I didn’t say “Bible reading” or “Bible study” or “Bible memorization.”  All of those fit into the broader category of Bible intake.  We need to fill our minds with the truth of the Word of God, and all those are worthy and good means of accomplishing that goal.  To grow spiritually, we need a balance of daily reading, disciplined studying, and reflective memorization.  And all that needs to be undergirded by a life of prayer.

So how to accomplish those goals?  There are a number of websites that provide helpful resources on how to grow in Bible intake and prayer.  This is by no means an exhaustive list, but these are a few good places to start:

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