Learning to Love…All Over Again | RPM Ministries

If you have been married any significant length of time, both you and your mate have changed significantly.  The husband or wife is significantly different from the man or woman you married ___ years ago.

But that does not mean love has ended.  Those changes mean opportunities for the constant rekindling of a biblically distinctive love, as Bob Kelleman noted:

After twenty-five years of marriage as parents, Shirley and I faced the reality that we had to get to know each other all over again—not just as parents, but more importantly, as husband and wife, as soul mates, as best friends.

In our early 50s now, we are not the same people we were at 19! In fact, we are not the same people we “fell in love with” over three decades ago.

As we faced these realities, we never wavered in our commitment to our marriage. But I’m not convinced that that is “Christian enough.” We’ve all seen Christian couples remain committed to the institution of marriage for decades, while obviously not continuing to live loving lives with one another.…

People change. Love needs to grow with those changes. Our relationships need to mature as we mature. [Learning to Love…All Over Again.]

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