Forgiveness and communion

The practice of communion is not only a fundamental activity of the church, but it is also an indicator of the spiritual health of a believer — including his fellowship with other believers and his trust in God’s work in his life in past events.

Your willingness to forgive is directly related to your remembering how much God has forgiven you.  Perhaps that’s one of the reasons Jesus instructed His followers to celebrate regularly the Lord’s Table.  When Christians gather around the bread and wine, we are reminded, among other things, of the tremendous price Jesus paid to secure our redemption and the tremendous forgiveness extended to us.  That leads to an appropriate and joyful celebration of the resurrection and the new life we enjoy in Christ.  The beauty and significance of this practice is diminished if we forget why the body and blood were necessary.

If you are having trouble forgiving someone who hurt you, it may be time to sit down and revisit the ways God has forgiven you.  In so doing, your past will become a more helpful friend. [Steve Viars, Putting Your Past in its Place]

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