Years ago I went to visit a couple that had visited our church.  They had recently moved to our community but their previous church experience was in a church with a very similar doctrinal position and philosophy of ministry as our own.  I was encouraged that they might be a good match for our ministry.  The husband also told me that he had served as a deacon in that church for an extended period of time.  I was very hopeful — not only a similar church background, but servants!  We could use people like them in our ministry!

Then he uttered these two sentences:  “That’s all in the past; we’ve done our service and we’ve made our contributions. Now I’m going to play golf.”

And he did, I guess.  It was the last time I saw them.  I thought of them again this morning after hearing/seeing this clip from John Piper, which I have heard multiple times previously.  It’s worth hearing, heeding, and remembering: