Old Testament believers were often (approximately 50 times) called to praise the Lord with the Hebrew word “hallelujah” (which literally means, “praise the Lord”).

Yet in the New Testament, that word appears only four times — and all four of those references are in the first six verses of Revelation 19.  From these few references, the believer is given five reasons to praise the Lord:

  1. Praise the Lord because salvation and glory and power belong to our God (v. 1).  He will deliver His people from their every enemy.
  2. Praise the Lord because His judgments are true and righteous (v. 2).  He will always decide and do what is inherently and infinitely right.
  3. Praise the Lord because He will judge unrighteous Babylon — the adulterator of faith in Christ (v. 3).  He will crush every rebellion against Him.
  4. Praise the Lord because He alone is a God worthy of worship (v. 4).
  5. Praise the Lord because He sovereignly reigns over all men (v. 6).  There is no king but Him, and there is nothing outside the bounds of His control and power.  And He controls all with righteousness and grace.