Sermon: The Slain, Exalted Lamb

The Slain, Exalted LambRevelation 5April 17, 2022   We are Christians.  We are followers of Jesus Christ.  No day on our calendar of worship demonstrates our dependence on Christ more than Easter morning.  On this day we affirm we need Him and we will worship Him above all other things and people.  But on this […]

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The Father Who Sent His Son

The following is the manuscript of the message given at our Christmas Eve service this evening. In February 1942, the American war against the Japanese in the Philippines was not going well.  It was going so poorly that by March 12, 1942, President Roosevelt ordered General Douglas MacArthur, who was stationed in the Philippines, to […]

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Sermon: Christ is Coming

Christ is Coming Revelation 1:7 December 20, 2020 It was early in November that I saw my first sign of Christmas.  There on someone’s Facebook video was a Christmas tree in the background — two weeks before Thanksgiving!  It was shortly after that Raye Jeanne and I began noticing that Christmas lights started appearing on […]

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Sermon: Christ Has Come

Christ Has Come Revelation 1:4-6 December 6, 2020 A truck driver was driving across a town but something appeared to be wrong — every time he stopped at a red light or stop sign, he would jump out of his truck running around it and beating the side of it with a baseball bat.  Someone […]

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11 reasons to read Revelation

The book of Revelation, along with some of the OT prophetic books is among the most daunting books for believers to read.  While the overall message of Revelation is clear (judgment is coming!), yet the meaning of the particulars in the book is sometimes more difficult to discern. So we are tempted to skip reading […]

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The tree in heaven

“And on either side of the river was the tree of life, bearing twelve kinds of fruit, yielding its fruit every month; and the leaves of the tree were for the healing of the nations.” (Rev. 22:2; NASB) Heaven. What pictures come to mind when you hear that word? Streets of gold? Pearly gates? “St. […]

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Eternity for the unredeemed

It has become somewhat popular in certain spheres of Christendom to be apologetic about Hell.  Not only do unbelievers ignore or even scoff at the realities of Hell, but even believers are prone to minimize what awaits those who reject Christ. But the Bible is unapologetically clear about the eternal future of the unredeemed (see especially […]

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Five reasons to praise the Lord

Old Testament believers were often (approximately 50 times) called to praise the Lord with the Hebrew word “hallelujah” (which literally means, “praise the Lord”). Yet in the New Testament, that word appears only four times — and all four of those references are in the first six verses of Revelation 19.  From these few references, […]

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The end has come

The babe in the manger whose arrival more than 2000 years ago we celebrate today was as helpless as any other child ever born.  He who created the vast expanses of the heavens and the stars that fill them and the atoms that comprise them was dependent on the care of his teenage mother and […]

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They deserve it

It is perhaps the most oft-spoken objection against circumstances and God:  “That’s…not…fair!” Virtually every hardship will elicit that comment — everything from overcharges in a store or a flat tire to a five-year-old’s cancer or a tsunami that destroys tens of thousands.  And certainly it is the primary complaint against God’s judgment of the unrighteous.  […]

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Two truths about God’s wrath

It seems somewhat inappropriate to think and write and talk about the wrath of God at Christmas time.  Shouldn’t we be thinking about gifts, friends and family, food and fellowship, joy and happiness?  How can we think about wrath — God’s judgment and condemnation at Christmas? Yet the wrath of God is linked to the […]

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They want to get away

It is the nature of the ungodly to seek to escape God. In introducing his important book, The Long War Against God, Henry Morris writes, The denial of God — rejecting the reality of supernatural creation and the Creator’s sovereign rule of the world — has always been the root cause of every human problem.  […]

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