Sermon: Christ Has Come

Christ Has Come
Revelation 1:4-6
December 6, 2020

A truck driver was driving across a town but something appeared to be wrong — every time he stopped at a red light or stop sign, he would jump out of his truck running around it and beating the side of it with a baseball bat.  Someone followed him to a restaurant where he stopped and repeated this odd practice.  A curious driver who had followed him asked him the obvious question, “What are you doing?  Why do you beat your truck every time you stop?”  He answered, “Well, it’s like this:  I have a two-ton truck and four tons of canaries in the back, so I have to keep two tons in the air at all times.”

In 2020, we understand that sentiment.  There is pretty much universal agreement that this has been a tough year, with lots of things that need to be fixed and “kept in the air.”  It’s been a year of disappointment, hardship, suffering, loss, disagreements, and anger (just to name a few things).  At the end of every year, we generally need a “re-set” of some kind — something to refocus our minds and hearts and righteous and true realities.  This year, that is particularly true.  And that is one reason that Christmas is such a grace to us — it is a reminder to us of the only One who is best, right, and satisfying:  Christ.

Over three Sundays, I want to take you to a passage penned by the apostle John to remind us of Christ’s greatness and supremacy — a passage you may not think of as a Christmas passage, but a passage that exalts our Savior — Revelation 1:4-8.  As we begin this consideration of our Savior, today we will be told:

Delight in Christ because of His infinite uniqueness.

Is Christ our joy?  Is He (alone) our (supreme) pleasure?  Do we find refuge, solace, and comfort in Him?  The uniqueness of Christ makes him imminently worthy of our worship.

In this passage, John gives a doxology to remind us of the priority of worshiping Christ —

Context (v. 4):

  1. Worship Christ Because of His Nature (v. 5a)
  • He is Truth
  • He is Life
  • He is King
  1. Worship Christ Because of His Work (vv. 5b-6a)
  • He loves us
  • He has freed us
  • He has commissioned us
  1. Worship Christ (v. 6b)

Download the rest of this sermon on Revelation 1:4-6.

The audio will be posted on the GBC website by tomorrow.

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