This year, our church has read through the  New Testament and Psalms.  (In the coming year, the plan is to read the Old Testament, though we’ve also provided the NT plan coordinated with the 2013 dates.)

Part of my desire was not only to read through the plan, but to blog every day about what was read.  And for the most part, I did.  I did miss a few days, but for the most part, I have written something about some of what I read on that day.  (You can find these posts under “2012 Bible reading reflections.”)

This has proven to be a good discipline for me.  It’s forced me to think about the significance and relevance of every passage — “what is being revealed about God?”  and “What is something I must believe or do in light of who God is?”  It has helped to keep the reading of Scripture from being an academic or legalistic exercise and helped me to apply every passage every day to my own heart.

And that’s been good for my soul.  And it’s a good reminder for me to think about how I want to grow and mature in Christ in the coming year.

As you think about where you’ve been over the past 12 months, you likely have not accomplished spiritually what you desired 365 days ago.  Part of that was because of human frailty and weakness, and some of it was because of sin — even willful sin.  As you head into the new year, understand that you will still bear the realities of your humanness with both frailties and sin in 2013.  But you can grow in Christlikeness.  You can be transformed in some measure.  So whatever you read biblically, and whatever disciplines you pursue and practice in 2013, make it your goal to make some measure of progress.  Read and pray and fast and evangelize and disciple and worship not because that is what a believer ought to do, but because that is what you as a believer want to do so that you can enjoy and please the Lord.