Pure Life Conference

After I graduated from college, a friend and I took a few days to go camping and hiking in the Great Smokey Mountains.  One night as we were setting up camp, a similarly aged young man walked over to us from a neighboring site.  Conversation eventually drifted toward faith and Christ and as we talked I noticed him getting uncomfortable.  Finally he slowly asked the question that was plaguing his mind — “You don’t mean…” He paused.  “You don’t mean…you guys… are virgins…do you?”  “Yes,” we affirmed, “we are.”

Such a thought was incomprehensible to him.  To be sexually pure was no goal of his and he could not conceive of it being important to anyone else either.  That was almost 30 years ago.  And the idea of sexual purity has certainly not gained any credibility in that time.

Yet sexual purity is not only valued and commanded by the Lord, it is also given to us as our protection.  Sexual purity is a gift from God to us to enable us to experience full and satisfying life.  Sexual sin only leads to destruction.  Sexual integrity and purity leads to life.  (See also “Four Reasons to Avoid Pornography.”)

Because we understand the importance of sexual purity and we know the way of the world and the difficulty of the battle, we want to encourage and help those who are in the battle.  So in four weeks (Saturday, March 2), Pastor Keith is going to be one of three speakers at the Pure Life Conference hosted by Grace Community Church (Glen Rose, TX).  This conference is designed for men and young men (this is a great opportunity for a man to attend with his sons to initiate or continue discussions on this important topic).  The three messages that will be presented that morning are:

  • “The Peril of Sexual Lust” (Brent Osterberg)
  • “Understanding the Heart of Sexual Lust” (Daniel Kirk)
  • “Practical Strategies for Battling Sexual Lust” (Keith Palmer)

If you are a man, this conference will not only equip you to fight against sin and please God, but it will also be a gift to your wife (or future wife) as you walk in greater obedience to God.

The conference is free, but you must register to attend.  You can find more information about the conference and register at Grace Community Church.

Pure Life

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