A solution for when you fall out of love

One of my favorite statements on love and marriage is from Mike Mason, and it addresses the issue of how to respond when a person falls out of love.  He begins by reminding the reader about the importance of the vows that were taken on the wedding day.  And then he reminds us of the way out which is simpler (i.e., not complicated) than anticipated, but probably harder (i.e., difficult to do) as well:

…marriages which consistently look back to their vows, to those wild promises made before God, and which trust Him to make sense out of them, find a continual source of strength and renewal.

One thing that is very important to know in marriage is that there is always a way out. And the way out is not divorce! No, the way out in marriage (no matter how bad things may get) is simply to put everything we have back on the line, our whole hearts and lives, just as we did the moment we took our vows. We must return to an attitude of total abandonment, of all our natural caution and defensiveness to the winds and putting ourselves entirely in the hands of love by an act of the will. Instead of falling into love, we may now have to march into it. [The Mystery of Marriage, 95.]

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