Some benefits of believing in Christ

In expounding the provision of assurance for believers, the apostle John also reminds his readers in his first epistle of some of the benefits that come from believing in Christ:

  • fellowship with God (1:3, 6, 7)
  • Jesus Christ as his advocate (2:1)
  • the command (and an ability) to love others (2:7; 4:21)
  • the anointing of the Holy Spirit (2:20, 27)
  • relationship with both the Father and the Son (2:22-23)
  • confidence before God (2:28; 3:21; 4:17, 5:14)
  • the hope of eternity (3:3)
  • God’s love (4:16)
  • acceptance of God’s testimony about himself (5:10)
  • eternal life (5:12, 13)
  • answers to requests made in prayer (5:15)

These (and more) are all for the believer in Christ.  This is what we have when we have Christ and the Father.

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