Gluttony – it’s not just overeating

As someone who has battled with controlling his weight for most of his life, I appreciated this from The Christian Pundit:

Thing is, almost nobody is seeing the fat issue as an expression of a heart issue: an idolatry of food. That’s what gluttony is, whether or not our BMI is over 30. Because gluttony is a heart issue, it’s not just overweight people who are sinning here. There are all sorts of ways to be gluttonous while maintaining a socially acceptable figure. Here are a few:

1. Obsess about the origins of your food.…

2. Obsess about the quality of your meal.…

3. Obsess about covering up our food obsession.…

Read the rest of All Kinds of Gluttons.

2 thoughts on “Gluttony – it’s not just overeating

  1. guilty here! I often whine about it to the Lord… “I gave up smoking and drinking and most of my swearing (lol) and turned from porn and lusts of women…. why can’t I enjoy my food?.” But most of us know the answer; God only wants one thing from us…ALL of us. Food is probably one of my biggest fleshly battles…time and coffee are some of the other biggies, but yes, food is an idol, like it or not.

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