What is your true happiness?

Todays QuoteRichard Baxter, The Saint’s Everlasting Rest:

He that makes not God his chief good and ultimate end, is in heart a pagan and a vile idolater. Let me ask, then, dost thou truly account it thy chief happiness to enjoy the Lord in glory, or dost thou not? Canst thou say, ‘The Lord is my portion? Whom have I in heaven but thee? and there is none upon earth that I desire besides thee?’ If thou be an heir of rest, it is thus with thee. Though the flesh will be pleading for its own delights, and the world will be creeping into thine affections, yet in thy ordinary, settled, prevailing judgment and affections, thou preferrest God before all things in the world. Thou makest him the very end of thy desires and endeavors. The very reason why thou hearest, and prayest, and desirest to live on earth, is chiefly this, that thou mayest seek the Lord, and make sure of thy rest. Though thou dost not seek it so zealously as thou shouldst, yet it hath the chief of thy desires and endeavors, so that nothing else is desired or preferred before it. Thou wilt think no labor or suffering too great to obtain it. And though the flesh may sometimes shrink, yet thou art resolved and ready to go through all. Thy esteem for it will also be so high, and thy affection to it so great, that thou wouldst not exchange thy title to it, and hopes of it, for any worldly good whatsoever. If God should set before thee an eternity of earthly pleasure on the one hand, and the saints’ rest on the other, and bid thee take thy choice, thou wouldst refuse the world and choose this rest.

One thought on “What is your true happiness?

  1. Joy in the midst of tragedy, chaos, grief & suffering ? Our gracious Lord has sovereign authority over all things. Embracing that fact changes the perspective, brings gratitude, great joy & restful peace.

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