The first two sins

The first sins recorded in Scripture — Adam and Eve’s rebellion (Gen. 3) and Cain’s murder of Abel (Gen. 4) — provide two distinct examples of the way temptation and sin work in an individual’s life.  They are a reminder that not every temptation is the same; sin and its origins are multifaceted and insidious.  They also demonstrate the progressive nature of sin — what is hidden initially from God is later boldly (and defiantly) admitted to God.

And they also demonstrate the varied grace of God to provide for the sinner prior to the sin so that he need not sin, and after the sin, so that he is restored to God from the sin.  And the good news is that God’s grace works in the same kinds of ways today as well.

Here is a chart I composed to compare and contrast these two sins:

The First Two Sins - Genesis 3If you prefer, you may download a PDF of this same file.

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