Repentance and the grace of God

Todays QuoteIf we understand that no man will ever genuinely repent without the grace of God changing his heart, then we will not feel that we have to dilute the demands of the gospel.  We will put our confidence in God.  We will remember that, if God is displeased with us, He will not bless us.  We will simply give the water of life to the sinner in its undiluted strength, believing that if he is one of God’s chosen God will help him drink it.  [Samuel Waldron, Two Things You Must Do to Be Saved, 40.]

2 thoughts on “Repentance and the grace of God

  1. Never have liked the word “do” in the title of the book. If it were titled “Two Things the Spirit Accplishes in Salvation that we Participate with” it would be closer. Not perhaps exact but closer.

    1. You need to read his explanation of that very topic in the book. He explains it well. If you want, I will photocopy it for you.

      I agree with your knee-jerk response, but he has a good (and biblical) explanation.

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