Twenty-five years ago today, I was installed as pastor of my first church — the church I continue to serve as pastor, Grace Bible Church.

At (almost) 28 years of age, I could hardly imagine then what it would be like to preach 25 sermons, let alone preach sermons for 25 years — in one place, to one group of people.

Yet what a joy it has been for me and Raye Jeanne, and our daughters Elizabeth and Emily to serve Christ with this church body.  With our church family we have shared many joys and laughs, sorrows and tears, expressions of love, disappointments and heartaches, sin and confession, forgiveness, and reconciliation.  We have been well-loved these years and our hearts are full of gratitude and amazement at God’s grace.  Through it all, God has demonstrated amazing grace and goodness to us (Terry and Raye Jeanne) as a family and to us (GBC) as a church family.

So being the reflective sort of person I am, this week I dug around my files and found a copy of the sermon my father, Paul Enns, preached at my installation service.  So if you are curious, you may download that sermon here, or listen below: