Sermon: The Essential Issue in the Election

The Essential Issue in the Election”
Daniel 4:17-35
October 23, 2016

My sermon title this morning is, “The Essential Issue in the Presidential Election.”

Pull up an editorial or blog post about the election and you will have someone’s opinion about what the most critical issue in the election is. Opinions abound:

  • The makeup of the Supreme Court and the opportunity to appoint pro-life jurists to it.
  • The importance of issues related to gender, homosexuality, and marriage.
  • Critical decisions related to religious liberty that loom in the next few years.
  • Race and racism and the threat of terrorist attacks against the United States.
  • The moral ability (or inability) of the candidates to lead.

It is no overstatement to say everyone has an opinion about the most critical component in this presidential election, and most of those opinions are adamant.

Yet for the believer, there is one issue that supersedes all these issues, and any others that someone might propose. It is that God is sovereign over the election. Whatever happens on November 8 will be God’s will for this country and fully within His power and authority to use as He wills. And that, friends, is of great comfort for the believer. The sovereign control of God over the election and all things means that the believer can rest in the God who is behind all events and not be anxious or fearful.

This doctrine is not a minor issue. It addresses the central claim of God to be God — He is God because He is sovereign. If there exists even one renegade atom that operates apart from God’s hand of guidance, if there is one decision that is made apart from His rulership over it, if Satan can operate outside the authority of God for even the twinkling of an eye, then God is not sovereign and is in fact not God. In fact, if God is not sovereign, then someone — or something — else has greater authority, knowledge and rulership than God, and He is subject to that one.

The theme of the message this morning is:

God is sovereign over all governors and governments.
And because God is sovereign we can must be content.

  1. A Definition of Sovereignty
  2. An Overview of God’s Sovereignty Over the Nations
  3. An Overview of God’s Sovereignty Over Nebuchadnezzar
  4. A Summary of Response to God’s Sovereignty

Download the rest of this sermon on Daniel 4:17-35.

The audio will be posted on the GBC website later today.

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