Sermon: The Government and You

The Government and You Romans 13:1-7 (Pt. 1) February 14, 2021 A number of years ago, U.S. Rep. Jack Metcalf (WA), revealed that the US Forestry Service and a Washington State agency planned to spend $18,000 to dye rocks gray and brown along a scenic highway in the Cascade mountains, because the rocks in question […]

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Expect persecution

In America, we feel entitled.  We have a constitutional right to life, liberty, and happiness, we believe.  The constitution actually says, “the pursuit of happiness,” but in this day, we believe that to mean that we should have happiness (and ease) without having to labor for it.  We should not have trials, difficulty, suffering, or […]

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Remember your final end

I was born in Canada, straight north of Granbury about 1300 miles. Though I spent most of my childhood years in the Unites States, and primarily Texas, I remained a Canadian citizen until 2003, when I became a naturalized American. My citizenship changed. I had always considered the United States and Texas my home, but […]

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Do Christians Have to Vote?

In every election cycle there are always news reports about the number of individuals who do not vote. Often the reason for not voting is apathy — the individual is unconcerned about the issues in the election, believes his vote is inconsequential, or just doesn’t want to be bothered to learn the issues and get […]

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When civil disobedience is permissible

When the Scriptures speak about the Christian’s relationship to the government, the emphasis is consistently on the civil obedience, not civil disobedience. For instance: The believer is to pray for his civil authorities (1 Tim. 2:1–3) The believer is to submit to his civil authorities (Rom. 13:1; 1 Pet. 2:13–15) The believer is to obey […]

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Sermon: Essential Reminders About Our Responsibility to the Government

“Essential Reminders About Responding to Government” Romans 13:1-7 September 18, 2016 Last week we began talking about “Election Essentials” — understanding what the Bible has to say about politics, the church, and you. We began that series by thinking about the role of government and the authorities in government — what is the role of […]

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Sermon: Essential Reminders About the Role of Government

“Essential Reminders About the Role of Government” Romans 13:1-7 September 11, 2016 Robert Wilson, in his book Character Above All seeks to answer one fundamental question: “What is the relationship between the President’s character and presidential leadership?” He asks the question because it is his observation that as a group, the American people “‘started out […]

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What should we think about yesterday’s Supreme Court decisions?

Yesterday the Supreme Court of the United States handed down two significant rulings concerning homosexual marriage.  What should we think about them? First of all, Joe Carter tells us, “9 Things You Should Know About the Supreme Court’s Same-Sex Marriage Cases.”  His article helps to simplify the complexity of these cases and provides an overview […]

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