The Government and You — Some Resources

As I have been preparing for preaching on Romans 13 and the role of government, I have read a number of books, articles, and pamphlets that have helped me think through how to faithfully interpret and apply that passage — and to be aware of how other passages on the topic of government complete our understanding of the government’s role and our response to the government.

Disclaimer:  While I appreciated and benefited from each of these works (I wouldn’t have listed them otherwise), I don’t agree completely with any of the works that follow.  So this is not a full endorsement of any of the following works; but you will be helped by all of them, and you will be forced to think and examine the Scriptures because of what you read (Acts 17:11) — and that’s also good for our minds/hearts.

Here are some of those works (listed in no particular order):

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