Some evangelistic encouragements at Thanksgiving

There are certain times when believers are particularly aware that they might have opportunities to communicate the gospel with unbelievers:  anytime they get on an airplane (or any other kind of mass transit, for that matter), when a neighbor comes over and offers a lament about his family life, when a homeless person approaches them on the street asking for financial help, and holidays when families get together for some kind of feast.  Those circumstances sometimes feel like excessive weights (“what do I say?…”) more than joyful opportunities.  And tomorrow is one of those opportunities waiting to happen.

And if you are concerned about how to take advantage of a family get-together, you might consider some of these posts to stimulate your thinking and embolden your heart:

And remember, it is not the task of the proclaimer to save.  God saves.  The teller of Jesus simply tells about Jesus.

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