Sermon: He Gave His Life a Ransom for Many

“He Gave His Life a Ransom for Many”
Mark 10:32-45
March 26, 2017

Over the years, I’ve preached about 25 Easter messages, and have also preached about the same number of Palm Sunday and Good Friday messages. I’ve preached several dozen communion sermons related to Christ and the cross, and preached through all of the gospels of Mark and John and through a significant portion of Matthew. And in my messages that don’t have to do with Christ and the cross, I suppose I’ve still talked about the gospel hundreds of times.

The responses to all those sermons about Christ haven’t always been favorable:

  • One congregant called to complain about my emphasis on Christ after one communion sermon saying, “I get it: Jesus died for our sins; now move on…”
  • Another person complained one time, “are we having communion again?”
  • And when Raye Jeanne told someone (who is not part of our church) about a sermon series I was preaching on the cross, her response was “all he ever does is preach about the cross…” (it wasn’t a compliment).

Friends, there is no “moving on” from the cross. Everything we are and everything we have is bound up in the cross. It is not only our life and hope in the future, but it is our life and hope now! If you tire of Christ and the cross there is, frankly, every reason to wonder if you have ever really loved Jesus.

So this morning, as we come to the table of communion, I want us to reflect on one of the great statements Christ made about His cross-work and crucifixion, Mk. 10:45 — “Even the Son of Man did not come to be served but to serve, and to give His life a ransom for many.”

That statement is made in the midst of a pivotal interaction with His disciples; as we examine vv. 32-45, we will find —

Through the cross, Jesus confronts and provides freedom from our sinful desires.

Context (vv. 32-34):

  • This is the fourth prophecy of Christ’s death
  • Notice the disciples’ reticence
  • Notice the Savior’s determination
  1. The Disciples’ Prideful Request (vv. 35-41)
  • “We want to be with Jesus!” (vv. 35-37)
  • “Do you understand what you are asking?” (vv. 38-41)
  1. Jesus’ Humble Plan (vv. 42-45)
  • The cross is not a means to greatness (vv. 42-43a)
  • The cross is a calling to slavery (vv. 43b-44)
  • The cross is a provision of freedom (v. 45)

Download the rest of this sermon from Mark 10:32-45.

The audio will be posted on the GBC website later today.

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