Distinguishing Between Guilt and Guilt

The article “Distinguishing Between Guilt and Guilt” by Robert Jones, is definitely worth reading, as he clarifies genuine guilt (culpability) and the sense of guilt when there may not be biblical culpability.  Read on…

Distinction #1 – Guilt Concerning Intentional Sins and Unintentional Sins

While all sin is sin, all sin incurs guilt, and all guilt needs forgiveness from God, the Bible distinguishes intentional sins and unintentional sins (Lev. 4; Num. 15).…

Distinction #2 – Objective Guilt and Subjective Guilt

We should also distinguish between objective guilt before God and subjective guilt. Objective guilt involves our actions of violating God’s Law. Whenever we act (or think, desire, speak, respond, etc.) contrary to God’s Word, we are guilty before God. Whenever we do what God forbids (sins of commission, 1 John 3:4) or fail to do what God requires (sins of omission, James 4:17), we are guilty before God.…

Distinction #3 – Clear Guilt and Confused Guilt

Clear guilt comes when we violate God’s Law in the Bible, whether intentionally…or unintentionally…, per Distinction #1 above. And if our conscience is functioning biblically, we will experience subjective guilt, per Distinction #2. On the other hand, confused guilt comes when we allow some standard other than God’s Law to rule our conscience.…

Source: Distinguishing Between Guilt and Guilt | Biblical Counseling Coalition

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