Distinguishing Between Guilt and Guilt

The article “Distinguishing Between Guilt and Guilt” by Robert Jones, is definitely worth reading, as he clarifies genuine guilt (culpability) and the sense of guilt when there may not be biblical culpability.  Read on… Distinction #1 – Guilt Concerning Intentional Sins and Unintentional Sins While all sin is sin, all sin incurs guilt, and all […]

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The guilt is gone

Guilt might be the most notorious five-letter word in our culture.  Declarations of guilt are minimized — he’s not “guilty,” he’s just “struggling” or he “made a mistake.”  And feelings of guilt are suppressed and denied.  A New York Times article I found this week captures the cultural attitude towards guilt perfectly: A friend of […]

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Sin became a trifle

Epitaphs take a life and synthesize it into a concise statement.  Some are humorous.  “I told you I was sick.”  Or “She lived with her husband for fifty years and died in the confident hope of a better life.”  Some suggest a wasted life.  “She loved the phone.”  Others are tragic.  “One miserable soul; lived […]

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Overwhelmed by sin?

Are you overwhelmed by sin?  Do you struggle repeatedly with the same sin, unable to see any significant progress against it?  Has this sin entangled you for years?  Is you conscience hounded by guilt?  Grace to You has some biblical encouragement for you: First of all, consider that how you deal with the promptings of […]

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Grab bag

Some helpful articles from the last couple of weeks: A long time ago I began recognizing a changing trend in counseling.  Women were battling with lust and pornography too, as Carolyn McCulley affirms in her recent post, “Lust:  Not for men only.”  She writes:  “We have a message of hope and redemption in the morass […]

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The power of the gospel

Of First Importance publishes a quote each day that relates to the power of the gospel.  Here are a few recent ones that have particularly encouraged my heart: I never despair of anyone becoming a decided Christian, whatever he may have been in days gone by. I know how great the change is from death […]

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