Overwhelmed by sin?

Are you overwhelmed by sin?  Do you struggle repeatedly with the same sin, unable to see any significant progress against it?  Has this sin entangled you for years?  Is you conscience hounded by guilt?  Grace to You has some biblical encouragement for you:

First of all, consider that how you deal with the promptings of your conscience is a reflection of your view of God. Carrying around guilt over sins long-ago addressed in your past could be evidence that you’re not fully trusting in the Lord’s provision for those sins. It’s not a question of forgiving yourself, and how you feel isn’t a trustworthy measure of your spiritual condition. You’ve got to rest in God’s ability to remove your sin “as far as the east is from the west” Psalm 103:12 and clothe you in Christ’s righteousness. You need to examine your own heart—is your view of God too small, or is your view of sin too big?

Read the entire post “A Note to Our Commenters” at Grace to You.

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