Self-examination for weak consciences

It has been said that the self-examined life is not worth living. I’ve repeated that slogan many times.  But there is a tempering corollary that is not said often enough.  The self-examined life is not worth living.  And the over-examined life may be detrimental. The latter statement needs to be made because the over-examined life […]

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Keep a good conscience

From Dwight Wagner: The goal of a Christian is to have a clear conscience before God and man. If we don’t fill our mind with Scripture, we will have a defiled conscience. If we fill our mind with truth but don’t act upon it, we will have a weak conscience. If we simply refuse the […]

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Cultivating a clear conscience

Everyone has one, but not everyone uses it.  Some are transformed by it, some ignore it, and some kill it.  But everyone has it — a conscience. What is this thing that everyone knows, some acknowledge, some follow, and some pervert?  Jerry White describes the conscience as “that part of every person which, willingly or […]

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Overwhelmed by sin?

Are you overwhelmed by sin?  Do you struggle repeatedly with the same sin, unable to see any significant progress against it?  Has this sin entangled you for years?  Is you conscience hounded by guilt?  Grace to You has some biblical encouragement for you: First of all, consider that how you deal with the promptings of […]

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