Following this morning’s post on clearing our conscience, here are two further considerations:

Kris Lundgaard, in his excellent book The Enemy Within (still available for only $2.99 on Kindle) writes:

The wisdom of the believer is to learn to listen to the voice of the Spirit’s resistance, no matter how faintly it may echo in the conscience.  The folly of the believer is to ignore that voice repeatedly, until he becomes nearly deaf to it.  This is greasing the tracks for sin.

Additionally, it is important to rightly inform our consciences so that we never have to act against it, as R. C. Sproul notes in “Is It a Sin to Act Against Your Conscience?”

If the conscience can be misinformed or distorted, why should we not act against it?

Should we follow our consciences into sin?

Here we have a dilemma of the double-jeopardy sort.

If we follow our consciences into sin, we are guilty of sin inasmuch as we are required to have our consciences rightly informed by the Word of God.

However, if we act against our consciences, we are also guilty of sin. The sin may not be located in what we do but rather in the fact that we commit an act we believe to be evil. Here the biblical principle of Romans 14:23 comes into play…

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