Have holy conversations

Watson WednesdaysWednesdays with Watson is a weekly reading taken from my favorite Puritan writer, Thomas Watson.  This week’s selection is from The Great Gain of Godliness.

Christians, when they meet together, should use holy conference.…Have not you matter enough in the Word to furnish you with something to say? Let me suggest a few things to you. When you meet, speak one to another of the promises. No honey is so sweet—as that which drops from a promise! The promises are the support of faith, the springs of joy, and the saints royal charter. Are you citizens of heaven, and yet do not speak of your charter?

Speak of the preciousness of Christ. He is all beauty and love; he has laid down his blood as the price of your redemption. Have you a friend who has redeemed you—and yet you never speak of him?

Speak one to another of sin, what a deadly evil it is, how it has infected your virgin-nature, and turned it into a lesser hell.

Speak of the beauty of holiness, which is the souls embroidery, filling it with such orient splendor, as makes God and angels fall in love with it. The graces are the sacred characters of the divine nature.

Speak one to another of your souls: enquire whether they are in good health.

Speak about death and eternity: can you belong to heaven and not speak of your country?

Thus, you see, here is matter enough, for holy conference. Why then do you not maintain godly discourse? I believe that one main reason for the decay of the power of godliness, is a lack of Christian conference. People when they meet talk of vanities — but God and heaven are left out of their discourse!

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