A biblical mandate for missions

Last year, our church elder board developed a policy for missions to determine what missions is and what kind of missionaries our church is committed to support and what our expectations are for ourselves and our missionaries in the missionary endeavor.  The process was enlightening as we began to see the breadth of God’s passion for missions.  It is a true saying that we believe in missions fundamentally because God is a missionary God.

I preached a series of three messages on the topic of missions, which was so helpful for me personally as well as for our church body as we thought about what we believe missions should look like.

  • Go to the Nations: The What and Why of Missions (audio | manuscript)
  • Go to the Nations: Priorities and Responsibilities in Missions (audio | manuscript)
  • Go to the Nations: Our Responsibilities in Missions (audio | manuscript)

We recently finalized our mission policy.  Given how few churches have mission policies (at least few of the churches I talked to had them), I thought this might be helpful for you and your church.  Feel free to download and use this document to enhance the missionary endeavors in your church.  You can also find a list of our current missionaries here.

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