Praying for Ukraine

Note:  This article was updated on March 3, from its original post on February 25. I have been graced to be able to take several trips overseas to teach the Scriptures:  Cambodia, Germany, Uganda, Russia, Ukraine, Israel, and Dubai.  When the opportunity to travel and teach is given, my first response is to ask my […]

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Sermon: Paul’s Missionary Prayer

“Pray Christ:”  Paul’s Missionary PrayerRomans 15:30-33September 12, 2021 Early this year, we decided to replace most of the fencing in our backyard.  It was rotting in several places and falling down in others.  So we counted the panels and pickets and headed to the lumber yard to buy replacements.  We were told that they only […]

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Sermon: Paul’s Missionary Vision

“Advance Christ:”  Paul’s Missionary VisionRomans 15:22-29September 5, 2021 William Carey has come to be well-known for his work in missions, but he started in relative obscurity.  When he first sought ordination from the Baptist church in Olney, he was rejected by them in 1785, before being ordained the following year and taking the pastorate of […]

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God is a Missionary God

At the end of Romans, Paul reveals the reason for that theological treatise.  His letter was a missionary letter — a request for financial and spiritual support and encouragement as he took the gospel of Christ to Spain.  All the theology of the letter was simply his way of affirming his beliefs and teaching, demonstrating […]

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Sermon: Paul’s Missionary Message

“Preach Christ:”  Paul’s Missionary MessageRomans 15:17-21August 29, 2021 Some sermon topics invariably provoke listeners to experience a sense of guilt: Sermons on prayer lead to thoughts of “I don’t pray enough…” Sermons on evangelism lead to thoughts of “I don’t tell enough people about Jesus…” Sermons on missions lead to questions like “should I go?…” […]

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A biblical mandate for missions

Last year, our church elder board developed a policy for missions to determine what missions is and what kind of missionaries our church is committed to support and what our expectations are for ourselves and our missionaries in the missionary endeavor.  The process was enlightening as we began to see the breadth of God’s passion […]

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Sermon: Go to the Nations, Pt 3

Go to the Nations:  Our Responsibilities in Missions 3 John June 24, 2018 It has been suggested that Acts is the best manual for missions that the church has. We learn a tremendous amount about missions by reading Acts. But many of the principles of missions we glean in Acts are also present in 3 […]

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Sermon: Go to the Nations, Pt 2

Go to the Nations:  Priorities and Responsibilities in Missions Selected Scriptures June 17, 2018 When I was in college I got a job working for a lumber supply company. I worked in the showroom selling things like plumbing and electrical parts, cabinets, and paint. To say that I was ignorant about the building business when […]

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What is missions?

“What is missions?” seems a simple question to answer.  But it is not.  Because so many are now using missions with a variety of emphases — the social gospel as missions, social justice as missions, outreach as missions, and missional ministry — we want to articulate what we mean by missions. When we use the […]

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Sermon: Go to the Nations

Go to the Nations:  the What and Why of Missions Selected Scriptures June 10, 2018 I started studying for this sermon series almost 13 years ago. A man who was involved in a kind of mission ministry that we already were a part of in a part of the world where we were already supporting […]

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Grab bag

Some helpful articles from the last week: You may have made a resolution this week about your Bible reading for this year.  Here is some good counsel for “How to read the whole Bible in 2014” (including a variety of Bible reading plans) by Justin Taylor.  I’ve also posted several plans for our church here.  […]

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