Arm yourself

Last year, in his series equipping men for friendship, David Gibson reminded us that “Friends don’t let friends skip leg day.”  Workout days are hard.  Workouts that focus on strengthening our legs can sometimes feel especially hard and we might be particularly tempted to skip leg workout days.  Don’t skip leg day.

And don’t skip arm day, either.

We need to be armed and strengthened for whatever ventures and needs are ahead — to have the muscular power to lift what needs lifting.

But I also speak of a different arm day.  I speak of the day on which we arm ourselves for spiritual battle.  Don’t skip the days that prepare you for the spiritual fight that you will have today and tomorrow and the next day and…

We will have a spiritual battle.  The question is whether we will be ready for it.  And for men, one of the particular places that we need to be armed is the battle for sexual purity.  Let’s stop pretending that we don’t need help in this area.  We do.  All of us do.  Likely the only man who doesn’t need help or encouragement to fight against sexual temptation is the one who has stopped breathing.  So can we put down our pretenses and just admit that getting instruction and reminders on this topic is good for us?  All of us?

Because I see some of the temptations that are made available to all of us every day, and because I have seen too many succumb to too many of those temptations and because I have seen my own heart pulled in that direction, GBC will be hosting a men’s conference this year on the topic of “Sexuality Purity and Biblical Manhood.”  What does it mean to be sexually pure, and how (in this culture!?) can a man be pure?

Our speaker this year is Dan Kirk.  It has been my joy to become a good friend of Dan and to minister with him (on this topic and others) many times.  Dan Kirk is a careful biblicist, a compelling speaker, and a loving friend.  You will be challenged as he exposes the truth of Scripture, and you will be encouraged with hopefulness to be faithful.

The conference will be March 13-14 and will be held at Solid Rock Campground.  Cost is $135 ($67.50 for teens).  Register here.

Your teenage son and grandson need this conference.  Your buddy needs this conference.  You need this conference.  I need this conference.

Sign up today.  And I’ll see you at Solid Rock to be armed by the Scriptures for one of the battles we all face.

Don’t skip arm day.

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