GBC Men’s Retreat

Grace Bible Church’s men’s conference next year will be held February 19-20 at Solid Rock Camp.  Our speaker this year is Pastor Rick Holland. Rick is senior pastor of Mission Road Bible Church in Kansas. He is also the author of Uneclipsing the Son, which will be the topic of the conference.  All registrants will also receive a copy of the book at the conference.

He writes in his book about the reality of how Christ is surpassed in our lives with too many other influences:

Now, if you’ve experienced an eclipse, you know it’s a very eerie experience. You find yourself suddenly in a world of half-light, a world lit only by the leftovers of the sun. And in the long years since that day in the schoolyard, I have come to see a similar kind of gray, spare light, a pervasive and all-covering shadow all but completely obscuring the glory of Christ. I think this is the great enemy to all of us who believe. Laboring in dealings with my own soul, working on my own sanctification, trying to increase my own love for Christ and that of those to whom I minister, I know what it is like to feel for the light switch in a world of spiritual gloom.

Jesus, the Son of God, has been eclipsed, and we’ve made ourselves at home in this new normal.…

Can you look in the mirror and say truthfully that there is a rich quality to your life that is better than expected?

Wouldn’t you expect that Christ could affect in us that most basic purpose of His coming? He is God, very God after all! But we cannot consider this dilemma for long without concluding that surely the fault is not with the Son, but with us who have allowed Him to be eclipsed. When the moon eclipses the sun, it is a wonder to behold. When anything eclipses Jesus, it is an atrocity to eradicate. [My emphases.]

During the conference we will have plenty of time for fellowship, games, eating, and teaching.  Rick will unfold truths that will help us “uneclipse” the Son, eradicating the things that are eclipsing Him, giving Him rightful and joyful place in our lives.  Bring your father, your son, or a friend to be instructed and enjoy manly fellowship.  You do not need to be a member of GBC to attend this retreat.

Register for the conference at

Cost for the retreat is $125 ($67.50 for men under college age); you may also place a deposit of $25 to hold your spot.

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