Sermon: What We Want from the Word

What We Want from the Word
Psalm 119:129-136
December 27, 2020

What did you want this week?  That’s a fitting question for a week when there is much gift giving.

  • What gifts were you anticipating giving?
  • What kinds of gifts were you hoping to receive (or not receive)?
  • Where did you want to go (or not go)?
  • What did you want to eat (or not eat)?
  • With whom did you want to spend time — who did you want to see (or not see)?

“What do you want?” is also an appropriate question to ask about Scripture.  What do you want from this book you hold in your hand?  What do you expect it to do for you?

The first Sunday after Christmas every year, our worship is focused on Scripture.  And that is true again this Sunday, as we come again to Psalm 119.  This Psalm is a familiar passage that affirms the effectiveness of the Word of God.  It is an extended acrostic, organized around the Hebrew alphabet; each line of the 22 stanzas begins with the successive letter of the alphabet.  Twice a year we look at one of those stanzas to remind us of the priority of God’s Word.  Today we are looking at the stanza that begins with the letter Peä (p, vv. 129-136).  In these verses, the psalmist speaks of some of the characteristics of the Scriptures and then makes a series of requests of God in light of those characteristics.  We find ourselves compelled to do what the psalmist does —

Pray for God’s Word to work in your life (and let it do what it does).

Let’s see what the psalmist says about Scripture…

  1. Since God’s Word is What it is… (vv. 129-131)
  • God’s Word is a Wonder (v. 129)
  • God’s Word is Illuminating (v. 130)
  • God’s Word is Satisfying (v. 131)
  1. …Pray for God’s Word to Do What it Does (vv. 132-135)
  • Pray for Grace (v. 132)
  • Pray for Freedom (v. 133)
  • Pray for Obedience (v. 134)
  • Pray for Blessing (v. 135a)
  • Pray for Instruction (v. 135b)
  1. (And Grieve For Those Who Do Not Do What the Word Commands) (v. 136)

Download the rest of this sermon on Psalm 119:129-136.

The audio will be posted on the GBC website by tomorrow.

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