Bible Reading Plans for 2021

Every day I make plans for what I will eat that day; rare is the day when I don’t get three meals (with an occasional snack or two along the way) and an adequate amount of caffeine and liquids. I am dependent on food and water, so I make plans to take it in regularly.

While we are dependent on physical food, we are even more dependent on spiritual food. However, it is unusual to have hunger pangs for the Bible like we do gastrointestinal rumblings for calories — “I haven’t read my Bible today…I’m hungry for it.” We might slowly starve spiritually, without an awareness of the emaciated condition of our spiritual hearts and lives. So we need to plan to read.

Every year our church makes at least three reading plans available: an OT only, a NT only, and an entire Bible reading plan. In addition to those, I want to spend some additional time this year ruminating on some particular books, so I have created my own plan, so I am also including a “blank” plan for you to complete as you see fit. Because I like to read the Psalms on Sunday mornings to prepare my heart for corporate worship, all of these plans (including the blank) one have the Psalms as the Sunday reading already inserted. I also recognize that most of us will miss at least one day a week, so Saturday is my designated “Day of Reflection” that can be a day to meditate on what you read that week, or catch up on something you missed.

Here are the plans:

There are many other plans available on the web. You might check out some of my previous posts on Bible reading. And I appreciated what Denny Burk had to say about the plan he posted for this year.

Among all these options, there should be a plan that will keep you from starving this year.

Now start eating the food of the Word.

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