Sermon: The King’s Kingdom

The King’s Kingdom
Matthew 13:44-52
December 5, 2021

In our political process, whenever there is an election voters want to know in advance, “If you are elected what will you do?” “What will life be like under your leadership?” We want to know if taxes will be raised, if there will be new liberties granted, or if liberties will be restricted. We want to know the candidate’s positions on things like abortion, end-of-life issues, gambling, fiscal policies, national defense, gun rights, and more. We are trying to get a glimpse of his leadership abilities and how he will care for his people.

The desire to know those things is natural — I suppose all men have always wanted to know these things about their incoming leaders. That is true of our Savior, Jesus, as well. He came 2000 years ago as promised Messiah and the everlasting King of Israel. Both He and John asserted that the nation of Israel could have her Messiah if she turned from her sin: “Repent, for the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand” (3:2; 4:17).

What would life in His kingdom look like? In Matthew 13, Jesus begins to unfold some particulars about His Kingdom through eight parables. Four of those parables were spoken in public to the crowds (13:1-2) and four of those parables were told in a home, in private to the disciples (13:36). It is those private parables that we want to consider this morning, to see one picture of what life in the King’s Kingdom will be like.

Jesus is the greatest King of the greatest Kingdom. That Kingdom is postponed in its timing, divine in its source, invaluable in its worth, relentless in its judgment, and essential for spreading. We can say from this passage that —

The greatest mysteries of King Jesus’ kingdom have been revealed.

King Jesus answers the question, “what is Your Kingdom like?” by revealing five characteristics of that Kingdom:

1. The King’s Kingdom Was Rejected (12:24; 13:10ff)
2. The King’s Kingdom is from Heaven (v. 44a)
3. The King’s Kingdom is Valuable (vv. 44b-46)
4. The King’s Kingdom is for Judgment (vv. 47-50)
5. The King’s Kingdom is for Spreading (vv. 51-52)

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