Sermon: The King’s authority

The King’s AuthorityMatthew 9:1-8November 28, 2021 I have a friend who — right before he gives his opinion on what I should do — likes to say, “If I were king for the day…” I think he means that jokingly. I think. What would you do if you were king for the day? Poet Judith […]

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Sermon: The King’s Father

The King’s FatherMatthew 6:9-15November 14, 2021 King George VI ruled as king of England for about 15 years in the first half of the 20th century before he died in 1952 from coronary thrombosis.  He was immensely popular, as was his wife, Queen Elizabeth.  Yet as popular as she was, when George (“Bertie”) died, she […]

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Christ the King

The history of the world is that in many (most? all?) nations, the people want leaders and “kings” different from the ones they have.   A few hundred years ago, the United States didn’t want England’s king to be our king.  And a few thousand years ago, Israel didn’t want God to be their King (1 […]

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Sermon: The King’s Blessing

The King’s BlessingMatthew 5:1-12November 7, 2021 The last 100+ years have seen some of the most atrocious leaders and dictators in the history of the world: Adolf Hitler, who ruled Nazi Germany in the 1930s-40s was responsible for the incarceration or death of between 15-20 million people during the Holocaust, and responsible for a total […]

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Sermon: Christmas Sorrows

Christmas Sorrows Matthew 2:13-23 December 23, 2018 What is your dream of the perfect Christmas?  Paint the picture in your mind:  who are the people who are around you?  Where are you celebrating?  What are you eating?  What gifts are you giving and receiving?  What will make the perfect Christmas day? On the first Christmas […]

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Sermon: Christmas Dreams

“Christmas Dreams” Matthew 1:18-25 December 20, 2015 Christmas captivates us like no other holiday on our calendar. When we are young, birthdays are anticipated and exciting, but the older we become birthdays are associated with less anticipation and with more dread. We like July 4 and Thanksgiving in America, but those days pass quickly and […]

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Do not be worried about your life

It would be a lot easier to enjoy your life if there weren’t so many things trying to kill you every day. The problems start even before you’re fully awake. There’s the fall out of bed that kills 600 Americans each year. There’s the early-morning heart attack, which is 40% more common than those that […]

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