Take in the Bible in 2022

At the time of year when many of us are thinking about setting goals for 2022, the best thing we can plan is how we will take in the Bible so the Bible can, in turn, transform our lives.

What will your Bible reading, meditating, and memorizing plan look like next year?

  • It all starts with reading.  You may not be a reader, but as believers in Christ, we are people of The Book and we must be readers of at least one book.  Being a reader of the Bible does not mean that we have to read an entire chapter, or four chapters, or ten chapters of the Bible each day.  It means that we must read something each day.  And we must read enough that we can meditate on it (mull over it) so that as we think on it, our minds are changed about our life circumstances and we begin to act and live differently.

We need to read enough that what we read in the Bible changes the trajectory in our lives.

So what is your plan for Bible intake this year?  Now — today — is the day to make a plan for what and when you will read each day.

Below are three Bible reading plans that we make available to our church body each year.  And below that are links to other posts on Bible reading from this site, as well as links to two other sites with a variety of other reading plans.

The task for the rest of today is simple.  Choose a plan.  Start reading.  Then meditate.  And let the Word read and change your life.

2 thoughts on “Take in the Bible in 2022

  1. In meditating on
    “. . .what we read in the Bible changes the trajectory in our lives,” it occurred to me that folks come to read their Bibles without asking themselves (and/or God) ‘What/Why’ re: that trajectory. Every juncture is unique to the person, circumstance, ability, maturity, etc.
    But felt needs are common to us all and asking ‘What/Why’ can help us focus and, perhaps, more effectively find direction/answers we need.

    Thanks for your encouragement.

    In Christ alone.
    Sarah Boggs

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