Grab Bag

Learn to “Read better with [puritan Richard] Baxter” Pastor Tim Keller tells us how to “How to Love One Another: Affirm, Share, and Serve” The Trellis and the Vine — one of my new favorite books on how to minister and serve in the church body — is now in paperback, and on sale for […]

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Tabletalk archives

One of the things I enjoy most about Tabletalk magazine is the articles that begin each issue. Arranged around one theme in each issue, these articles are always provocative — I may not always agree with the author, but they always make me think (and that’s good!). And now many of those articles have been […]

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Some good Puritan reading

It was after I finished seminary that I was introduced to the Puritans.  A friend gave me a book by Thomas Watson, I thanked him, and put it on my shelf where it sat for several years. One day I was browsing through my shelves looking for something; I saw the book, picked it up, […]

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Grab bag

Some random posts and articles that I’ve accumulated recently from around the ‘net: Charles Spurgeon meditates on walking with like Christ (this classic book, Morning and Evening can be downloaded in its entirety for reading at your leisure). Luther posts the 95 theses (if you’ve never really understood what the theses were all about…) Tim […]

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Do you remember what you read?

A couple days ago, someone asked me (having walked into my office and seen my desk with several small piles of books), “do you remember everything you read?” “No.  I know of people who do, but I don’t.” So you might ask the question, “then why read, if you don’t remember everything?” Well, there are […]

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Too much to read?

Do you ever feel like your “to read” book stack is out of control — that you will never get caught up on your reading? Sometimes the problem is not just a question about the amount of time needed to read, but knowing what to read.  That’s where a group like Christian Book Summaries is […]

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Reading Tips

You know how to read. I know that. But sometimes a little guidance on how to get control over that growing stack of books on your night stand (or wherever your favorite place to stack things is) would be helpful. Here are six tips from Al Mohler: Maintain regular reading projects. Work through major sections […]

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Books and transformation

In a recent post, Bob Kauflin wrote, “I once heard someone say that books don’t change people — sentences do. If I glean two or three sentences from a book that affect the way I think and the way I live, that’s time well invested. So I read.” I find it virtually impossible to read […]

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Nine reasons to read the Puritans

At the recent Ligonier Conference, in a brief exhortation, Joel Beeke offered nine reasons to read the Puritans: The Puritans will help shape your life according to the Bible. Puritan writings will show you how to integrate Biblical doctrine into daily life by: addressing your mind, confronting your conscience by exposing specific sins and asking […]

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