My meeting with Jay Adams

Two days ago Jay Adams departed this earth and went Home. Many have started writing their personal recollections of him. I did not know him personally and was not his friend, but I met him on two occasions — the first of which had a significant impact on my life. To the best of my […]

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God’s merciful use of sin

You are aware of the saying, “You can be anything you want to be; you can do anything you want to do, if you just try hard enough.” I am intentionally working to burst bubbles and change thinking when I say, “Bologna.”  That saying is just wrong.  Completely wrong.  And foolish.  And deceiving.  And hopeless […]

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Sermon: What Happened???

What Happened??? Romans 11:7-10 March 8, 2020 I suppose that the most asked question in the universe is “why?”  Because 2-4 year-olds ask that question so many times, no other question gets asked more often.  But perhaps the next most-often asked question is, “what happened?”  As in, “I just received this month’s credit card bill. […]

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Sermon: God is Faithful

God is Faithful Romans 9 September 29, 2019 This morning we come to the table of communion.  This table is rightly called a table of remembrance.  It is designed to remind us of things that we must not forget, that we cannot forget, that we dare not forget: We dare not forget our need for […]

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Sermon: “Disappointed with God?”

Disappointed with God?  He is Faithful Romans 9:30-33 September 22, 2019 We live in a world where there are disappointments.  Big disappointments and little disappointments — they all bring a measure of sadness and grief into our lives: You had plans for a vegetable garden, and it didn’t rain, and what did grow got eaten […]

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Sermon: God’s Sovereign Mercy, Pt 2

God’s Sovereign Mercy, Pt. 2 Romans 9:6-13 June 23, 2019 Unless you are a devout historian, you probably don’t know the name Nicholas Winton.  “Nicky” Winton died four years ago at the age of 106.  That’s remarkable, but that’s not what is most remarkable about him. His life began somewhat unremarkably, a Jewish son in […]

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Sermon: All Things for Good

All Things for Good:  Trusting God and Sanctification Romans 8:28-29 March 10, 2019 In his book Rise and Shine, Chuck Swindoll recounts a significant event from the past century: When the Great Exhibition of the Works of Industry of All Nations was opened by Queen Victoria in 1851, people flocked to Hyde Park to behold […]

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He is King

God is sovereign. For God to be sovereign means that He is King. He is not merely a king, but He is the King. There is no one who rules alongside His Trinitarian deity. And there is no one who rules over Him, ordering, compelling, and dictating anything to Him. For God to be sovereign […]

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