A hymn for today – voting day

Today the people of my state of Texas (and 12 other states) cast their votes in the primary election.  There have been strong words and the divisions between the parties and there appear to be greater divisions and disharmony among the candidates within the same parties as well.  Complaints and concerns about the candidates are […]

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He chose us because…

What is the reason that one man is called [to salvation], and not another?  It is from the eternal purpose of God.  God’s decree gives the casting voice in man’s salvation.  Let us then ascribe the whole work of grace to the pleasure of God’s will.  God did not choose us because we were worthy, […]

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Who made David do what he did?

Late in David’s life, he make a foolish and sinful decision.  You would expect a man to mature with age and his decision-making to become more God-honoring the older he gets, and in some regards, that was the way David lived.  But not on this day.  As David prepared to transition the kingdom of Israel […]

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God is working today

Melvin Tinker, Intended for Good: …it is in and through the ordinary day-to-day things of life and the most unassuming of people that God is mightily at work, moving secretly and silently to bring about his great plan of salvation for the world.…We are not to make the mistake of thinking that God is only […]

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