Free audio book – Evangelism and the Sovereignty of God

This month Christian Audio is making J. I. Packer’s classic work, Evangelism and the Sovereignty of God available as a free download.  Just go to Christian Audio, enter your email address and download.  It’s that simple.  (Of course, then you also need to listen to the book to benefit from it!)

To whet your appetite, here is a quote from that book:

Evangelism, we have learned, is a task appointed to all God’s people everywhere. It is the task of communicating a message from the Creator to rebel mankind. The message begins with information and ends with can invitation. The information concerns God’s work of making His Son a perfect Saviour for sinners. The invitation is God’s summons to mankind generally to come to the Saviour and find life.   God commands all men everywhere to repent, and promises forgiveness and restoration to all who do. The Christian is sent into the world as God’s herald and Christ’s ambassador, to broadcast this message as widely as he can. This is both his duty (because God commands it, and love to our neighbour requires it) and his privilege (because it is a great thing to speak for God, and to take our neighbour the remedy — the only remedy — that can save him from the terrors of spiritual death). Our job, then, is to go to our fellow-men and tell them the gospel of Christ, and try by every means to make it clear to them; to remove as best we can any difficulties that they may find in it, to impress them with its seriousness, and to urge them to respond to it. This is our abiding responsibility; it is a basic part of our Christian calling.

But now we come to the question that has loomed over us from the outset. How is all this affected by our belief in the sovereignty of God?

Read the rest here and here.  Several of Packer’s other books are also available from Christian Audio for only $4.98.

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