The fruit of suffering and trials

Trials start on page three of my Bible. On that page, the Serpent approaches Eve with the temptation to rebel against God, and in that moment, she and her faith are on trial.  And because she and Adam chose to disobey, suffering enters their lives on page four.  Pain in childbirth, conflict in marriage and […]

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Believing the Bible

Every Sunday morning, hundreds of thousands of Christians gather together for worship and they hear the Word of God preached. Morning and evening and times in between on each day, millions of believers open their Bibles and read what God has said. Throughout each week, followers of Christ meet with one another and exhort one […]

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Sermon: Your Faith…Tested

“Your Faith…Tested” John 6:1-15 June 5, 2016 Tuesday afternoon Raye Jeanne called me and just in the way she responded to my greeting when I answered, I knew something was amiss: “What’s wrong?” I asked. “The house is flooding again.” “I’ll leave in five minutes to come help you.” I did leave in five minutes, […]

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A word of encouragement

The young boy approached his father. “Dad, let’s play darts. I’ll throw and you say, ‘Great shot!’” Though probably apocryphal in nature, that exchange still bespeaks of a real need — the need to be encouraged. It is a need that is not unique to our day. Even in Scripture we find people of God […]

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Rest in the wisdom of God

Wednesdays with Watson is a weekly reading taken from my favorite Puritan writer, Thomas Watson.  This week’s selection is taken from A Body of Divinity, chapter 7:  “The Wisdom of God.” Adore the wisdom of God. It is an infinite deep; the angels cannot search into it. ‘His ways are past finding out’ (Rom. 11:33). As […]

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How affliction works for our good

Wednesdays with Watson is a weekly reading taken from my favorite Puritan writer, Thomas Watson.  This week’s selection is taken from A Divine Cordial (currently in print under the title, All Things for Good), chapter 2:  “The Worst Things Work for Good to the Godly.” As the hard frosts in winter bring on the flowers in […]

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Grab bag

Some helpful articles from around the web recently: Heath Lambert answers the question often asked of biblical counselors, “Who says medicine is important?” There have been several recent helpful posts for students, and particularly college students.  David Mathis offers a brief and helpful video in, “You’re Not a Student First,” Marshall Segal provides “Five Back-to-School […]

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Ian & Larissa: Eight Twenty Eight

I haven’t read this book (obviously), but like many of you, I’ve known of this story.  This looks to be a very encouraging and helpful book. “Eight Twenty Eight” holds a wealth of meaning for Ian and Larissa Murphy. Ian’s father, who died of brain cancer, was born on August 28. Romans 8:28 is the […]

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Don’t waste your pain

On Saturday, Rocky Wyatt spoke to our men on the topic, “Don’t Waste Your Pain.” If you weren’t there, you need to listen to this message. If you were there, you probably (like me) need to listen to it again.  Download it here.  Or stream it below: Rocky’s message focused on three benefits of trials […]

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If you’d like to help…

Below is the substance of an email I sent to our church body this morning after the storm in Granbury last night: Dear beloved Church Body, The Lord last night demonstrated His power and authority, along with His grace. During the storm, the words of Psalm 8 were going through my mind: When I consider […]

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Necessities of life

What we deem to be necessary for our lives and what God deems to be necessary for us are often in conflict.  We idolize simplicity and solitude and ease.  God desires our sanctification and Christlikeness.  And sanctification rarely happens in ease and leisure. So God — decreeing what is necessary for us (1 Peter 1:6) […]

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